Almost fifteen years ago, I learned a hard but invaluable lesson. While trying to restore my health, I found that no matter how many doctors or specialists I saw, not a single one of them was as invested in my health as I was. That was some hard truth. My story went like this: prescription, side-effects, a new set of symptoms, new prescription… THIS. IS. ABSURDITY. However, it took me years to see that.

Once that realization finally did set in, I wanted answers. Real answers – outside of, “manage your symptoms”. What a wild ride. Over the course of a decade, I had the privilege of meeting with some brilliant minds that so graciously let me in their world and openly shared their knowledge. I’ve witnessed health and healing from many different perspectives and it’s been humbling, to say the least. Though modalities and cultural perspectives varied, the message was always the same; the ability to heal by reversing illness and disease is possible¬†and¬†attainable.

I sought health and healing and found it. I’ve since been able to take what I’ve learned and use it to help others find their paths to health and healing. I went on to earn a degree from The American College of Healthcare Sciences, in 2018. I help my clients to find balance, nurture wellness, and restore their health. I’m so grateful for this role.

Intentionally Well, Jesika

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